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Puppetsburg Show: BABY EDITION
Ages 3 mo - 1 yrs
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12:00pm - 12:45pm
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Feb 12, 2019 - Apr 30, 2019
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Puppetsburg is interactive puppet shows for the youngest audiences. Join us for a fresh new show each week, like "Farm to Table with Old McDonald," "The BEYONCE Show," or "Clementine goes to Burning Man!"

Puppetsburg: BABY EDITION is just like Puppetsburg, but especially geared toward pre-walking infants. Infants are welcome at all of our shows, but if you'd prefer an infants-only show, this one's for you!

Puppetsburg is edgy babytainment for the new generation of parents. You'll love the integration of cultural, educational, and language elements into each show, as well as regular visits from celebrity puppet guests like Michael Jackson, Ai Wei Wei, and Ru Paul.

Engaging for munchkins and adults alike, each story is broken into activities like dancing, instruments, interaction with our artisanal handmade puppets, bubble time (!), and a new dress-up #Photo-op each week. (Favorites include dressing your munchkins up as sushi, our favorite Williamsburg graffiti, or even Baby Gaga. . . )

Check out our video at www.puppetsburg.com, or follow us @Puppetsburg on FB + Instagram to check out some of our #Photo-ops and learn more.

We also do AWESOME Birthday Parties and Corporate events, or--- bring a season of Puppetsburg to YOUR building for weekly community-building shows!


483 Driggs Ave
Ground floor
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Payment Options
Feb 12, 2019 - Apr 30, 2019
Class Pack Available
• Sibling Discounts: Second Child (25%), Third Child (25%), Any Additional Child (25%)
• Additional Options: Donate to our nonprofit, which brings Puppetsburg to underserved munchkins in the foster care system!

About this provider

Puppetsburg does hipster, tattooed puppet shows for 0-3.5 year olds. The shows are 45 minutes long and involve dancing, instruments, dress-up ""photo-ops,"" and bubble time (!) followed by a puppet story that is different each week. Children get to know a cast of handmade puppet characters including Clementine, a hipster who always carries around a plush camera for ""instagram-esque photos,"" Piggy B, a pig with blue glasses and an ""over-it"" look on his face, and Rex, who's favorite animal is a T-Rex like the one he wears on his shirt. Regularly exploring concepts like counting, simple vocabulary, hygiene, and hipster culture, Puppetsburg is a uniquely contemporary puppet show that is entertaining for infants, toddlers, and parents alike. Puppetsburg exposes munchkins to all kinds of cultural elements as well, preparing them to be on-trend New York and world citizens. We are introducing more language elements and more Pop Culture Icons puppets! Puppetsburg also offers exclusively-infant shows for the pre-walking crowd.