Naptown Sings and Plays

Naptown Sings and Plays

Starting at $330

Singing Birthday Party

Does your child love to sing? Come to Naptown Sings! for a fun-filled singing birthday party with friends! Partygoers will be led by an instructor through 45 minutes to an hour of singing fun followed by a birthday celebration. During this time, they will learn basic vocal warm-ups and techniques, play singing games, pick out an exciting birthday song from a list of 12 birthday renditions (optional), and have a sing-along and performance of one to two popular songs they love to sing, complete with hand motions!

  • Headcount:15 children (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hours (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Naptown Sings and Plays!, 141 Gibralter Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401

Ages: 1 and up. Each party is catered specifically to your child’s age group.

Fees: $330 for up to 15 participants. $100 for an extra hour. $5 for each participant past 15.

Naptown Sings! will provide:

* A fridge for you to store cake or treats.
* Picnic blankets, tables and chairs for you to use (Two picnic blankets, three 6ft tables, plus up to 20 chairs).

Optional Add-ons:
* Tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins, and utensils: $50
*Basic Goody Bags: Includes sticker, small instrument or noise maker, and pencil: $5 per child
* Premium Instrument Goody Bags: Egg shaker, rhythm sticks, jingle bells and a scarf: $12.50 per child

* Payment in full is required at the time of registration. Birthday party registrations are non-refundable, but if you need to cancel with one week's notice, we will reschedule.

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