Neighborhood Art Studio

Neighborhood Art Studio

The Mitten Tree

9:00am - 12:00pm MST
Jan 4, 2021 (1 day)
Ages 5 - 12 yrs 
Neighborhood Art Studio
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This heatwarming book by Candace Christiansen will be our inspiration for multimedia art masterpiece while thinking about the less fortunate and how small acts of kindness can really make a huge difference.
Just like the elderly woman Sarah in the book, we will 'knit' mittens using different materials, like yarn, tissue paper and paints, to hang on the 'spruce' tree for kids to find. We will create a 3D spruce tree using craft paper and styrofoam cone.
Be prepared for your child to recap the story to you at the end of the day and may be even be inspired to reach out to the ones that remain cold in the winter without homes. Each small act of kindness ads up to creating a wonderful world for all of us.


Please have your child bring their own mask to each class and remind them to wash hands before entering the class. Students will be at least 6 feet apart or proper ‘sneeze’ guards will be separating them. Your child should wear mess frendly clothing and shoes to avoid any damage to their favorite pieces.
Pack nut-free snack and water bottle.
Please do not bring your child to class if she/he has any cold like symptoms, fever or recent loss of smell or taste. Notify us immediately if your child or anyone in the immediate family is diagnosed with COVID 19.

Neighborhood Art Studio
4890 Ironton St
Unit 6A
Denver, CO 80239
Payment Options
Jan 4, 2021
• Sibling Discounts: Second Child (10%), Third Child (10%), Any Additional Child (10%)

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