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Neighborhood Art Studio

Mythical Creatures Class - Dragons


Neighborhood Art Studio


8 - 13 yrs


Tue, Jan 18, 2022 - Feb 15, 2022

5 classes

4:00pm - 5:00pm MST


4890 Ironton St Unit 6L Denver, CO 80239 - Montbello, Unit 6L


Jana H.


10 students


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Class Experience

Enter the mythical world of dragons with us as we go on the journey to learn and create a dragon eye wall hanging using variety of materials and techniques. This class is so exciting young artist will not even realize how much they have learned and practiced elements of art. For the first time EVER we are introducing our artists to pouring paint techniques to create a whimsical bacground for the dragon eye sculpture. Each artist will have a choice of color palette and we will learn basics of color theory along with this process. We will mix the solution and watch as the colors create interesting designs and bubbles form. 

We will also work on creating an oversized lizard-like eyeball inside a plastic ball and play with model clay to sculpt scales, horns, and other features of dragons with focus on textures. 


Please have your child bring their own mask to each class and remind them to wash hands before entering the class. Students will be at least 3 feet apart or proper ‘sneeze’ guards will be separating them. Your child should wear mess friendly clothing and shoes to avoid any damage to their favorite pieces.
Pack nut-free snack and water bottle.
Please do not bring your child to class if she/he has any cold like symptoms, fever or recent loss of smell or taste. Notify us immediately if your child or anyone in the immediate family is diagnosed with COVID 19.

Other Things To Know

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Cancellation Policy

Neighborhood Art Studio has a NO REFUND policy.

You must cancel enrollment 14 days prior to the beginning of the first class in semester to be issued full credit to be used for any other services offered at Neighborhood Art Studio. 

What To Bring

  • mask

Neighborhood Art Studio Location

Neighborhood Art Studio

4890 Ironton St Unit 6L Denver, CO 80239 - Montbello, Unit 6L