NY Society of Play Summer Program: Sneak Preview (Ft. Greene)


New York Society of Play


8 - 13 yrs


Sun, May 2, 2021


12:00pm - 3:00pm EDT


100 Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY 11205


Alioune N., Marielle M., Whit C.


15 students

Class Experience

Come join the New York Society of Play for a special sneak preview of our upcoming camp programs featuring our new live-action roleplaying game: Fantasy Frontier!

Fantasy Frontier is a game that combines physical activity, item collecting, navigation, and role-playing into a game experience unlike any other. In Fantasy Frontier, the park becomes an imagined fantasy world filled with quests, monsters, and hidden treasures. Kids will engage in foam sword battles with various enemies (played by our staff) to complete quests and collect items for future adventures. As the game progresses, more areas of the fantasy world are unveiled, and more game features are unlocked such as blacksmiths, merchants, dungeons, and natural resources. By the end of the summer, children will become epic heroes in a story of their own creation!

In addition to Fantasy Frontier, we will also offer demonstrations of other activities planned for our summer program.

Pick up and drop off will happen at Squarrel Cafe. Come along and watch the action unfold for yourself, or leave your child with us to grab a drink and take in a board game at the cafe!


IMPORTANT NOTE: We are taking every precaution to ensure a COVID-safe environment including mask-wearing, hand sanitizer, and temperature checks.

New York Society of Play Location

Fort Greene Park

100 Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Meet your Instructors

Alioune N.

Marielle M.

I have a B.A. in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College with a focus on Fiction. I chose to work in childcare because making a difference for a kid – in any way possible – makes all the difference. I strive to be the person that a younger me needed as a child. The kids at the NYSoP are absolutely incredible. They come up with stuff that always has me on the edge of my seat. They have boundless creativity. In my free time, I like to play video games and crochet.

Whit C.

I’ve worked in childcare since 2015, and have a BFA in Acting from Pace University. Seeing the joy kids experience while having fun, playing games, and thinking critically interests and excites me. Watching the kids take the games and systems we make and build on them their own ideas is both rewarding and inspiring. This is a dream job, and I’m so blessed and happy to be able to do it. In my free time, I like to design new games, play Magic the Gathering, play basketball, and blow the trumpet!