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Looking for the best virtual summer camp for your kids, but not sure where to start?
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The process of finding, choosing, booking and managing the perfect online summer camp can be overwhelming. Sawyer makes your summer camp search easy by allowing parents to filter and browse by time, child’s age and location. Whether your child is looking to create 3-D animation, sing-along with Elsa, or create their own rock band — there’s so much to learn, explore, and play throughout the entire summer!

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Online Art Camps

Virtual art camps are one of the most popular choices and accessible for all ages —  from toddlers to teens, there are perfect options for all ages! Online art camps help foster children’s creativity, give them new ways to express themselves, and are a great way to encourage focus and perseverance. For little ones, art camps help develop fine motor skills. Art camps also help students of all ages express their emotions in a positive way. 

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Online STEM Camps

Gone are the days when STEM was only about coding! STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) have gained popularity over the years and have developed into subject specialties – STEM camps for girls, robotics camps, and coding and game design. 

These virtual camps are particularly great at developing the foundational skills that apply to today’s modern world, and will surely help your little one become a critical thinker! These camps are available for children as young as 3, but are most popular for children older than 7.

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Online Sports and Exercise Camps

Sports camps are great options for kids to get outside, stay active and enjoy the warm weather for the summer! Youth sports camps come in many varieties, from an overall sporty camp for all ages to intense training for a specific sport. So whether you’re on the hunt for soccer, lacrosse, track and field, gymnastics, or just fun outside, there are tons of fun sports camp for all ages!

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Mix & Match!

Kids love variety! Build your own custom camp schedules and keep your little one engaged all summer! Sawyer offers a mix of art, music, sports, and STEM, so there are options to fit every child’s interests.

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No matter what you decide to do with your kids, there’s so much more to discover in your neighborhood on our Sawyer marketplace! Filter by age, location, date and time and find the best activities in your neighborhood or online.

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