Learning Pods

Looking for consistent and enriching activities for your children this fall? We’re here to help! Explore a world of art, music, STEM and more for your small group pod.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A learning pod is a small group of students, typically three to 10 kids, who join a group to learn outside of a traditional classroom. Pods are gaining popularity due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, and parents are choosing pods for their children to foster socialization and group learning. On Sawyer, learning pods can join either in-person or online extracurricular and educational activities. From STEM/STEAM and cooking classes to physical classes like yoga and soccer, pods can participate in a wide range of activities.

You can! The benefits of pod learning can occur anywhere, with options available both online or in-person. Whether you’re looking to discover art, music, or language classes, Sawyer gives the option for in-person or online classes. Any type of class you can take in-person you can also take digitally with your learning pod. It fosters the same sense of community and fun!

You can choose your learning pod in a few ways. First, many learning pods are developed by a group of students enrolled in the same class in school. In addition to their regular school curriculum, children then can elect to take classes and activities after school together through Sawyer. Another way to select your pod is with other families in your neighborhood. Families don’t necessarily need to be enrolled in the same school to be a part of the same pod. Many families are joining local Facebook and neighborhood groups to form learning pods. Finally, you can choose your learning pod by gathering friends who share similar interests. As long as goals and interests align, location is not important for this option and is a great way to gather virtually.

Any activity is great for a learning pod! The goal of pods is to help children learn and grow together with instruction from their educator. Any activities that your kids are passionate about — be it music and art or Dungeons and Dragons and jewelry making — the sky's the limit!

Some instructors charge per student, and others may charge for the pod as a whole. Depending on the type of class, how frequently the pod meets, and whether those meetings are virtual or in-person, a learning pod can cost between $10-30 per class.