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Ajna Dance Company is New York’s premier South Asian performing arts organization specializing in artistic and authentic dance classes, arts education and performances. The company was created in 2012 by Minila Shah with the purpose of making Indian dance and culture more accessible to people and students of all backgrounds. Ajna dancers and teaching artists are trained in a broad range of South Asian and western dance styles and offer highly skilled and personalized instruction. Ajna performance company’s signature style blends the grace and technique of classical dance with the freedom and fun of Bollywood music and dance.

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Reviews for Ajna Dance Company

Andrea K.

Mar 26, 2021


Alisha is terrific and the style of dance is very fun. I'm thoroughly enjoying it!


Nothing comes to mind.

Bollywood & Bhangra
Location: | Instructor: Alisha Desai

Pamela P.

Mar 22, 2021


The song, choreography and the instructor are all amazing.


I feel the cost can be less given that it takes 4 sessions to learn one song.

Advanced Classical Blend / Bollywood
Location: | Instructor: Indira Totaram

Moitri G.

Mar 4, 2021


I love that I was able to take an online class from Ajna especially since I don't live in NYC anymore. I hold the Ajna brand to high standards because that's how it presented itself when the classes started in NYC. But this online class didn't reflect the brand's standards, unfortunately.


I wish the instructor would've (1) given specific feedback (esp when asked) instead of a generic comment to everyone; (2) shared a recording of the entire choreo instead of 80% of it (including a recording from the back); (3) not had someone walking in the background to collect food deliveries; (4) repeated the steps over and over and over to really teach us. I wish the choreo was just Bollywood & Bhangra instead of mostly hip-hop.

Bollywood & Bhangra
Location: | Instructor: Sneha Rajan

Jina P.

Aug 29, 2020


My daughter LOVES her Bollywood dance class and instructor, Sneha. It's really fun for her, and she's learned a ton.

Bollywood Level 4
Location: | Instructor: Sneha Rajan

Niriksha C.

Aug 9, 2020


The kids enjoy the classes


I want online classes To continue through fall and winter. I want classes to be at least 1 hour.

Bollywood Level 4
Location: | Instructor: Sneha Rajan

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The address of Ajna Dance Company (At ) is .

Ajna Dance Company provides classes in the following types: Dance

Ajna Dance Company provides classes for kids ages 4 - 18+ yrs.

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