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Let’s get to know each other first!


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About Perry School & NYC Kids Camps & Baby Moves

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Baby Moves is a happy place in the West Village where exciting and unique developmental baby classes and classes for toddlers have been available for families since the year 2000. Our NYC baby music classes like Baby Moves n' Grooves, Cortex 101, mommy and me classes that are family style such as All 4 On The Floor and My Little Art Shop, just to name a few have gained a reputation for excellence over the past 15 years. Our Early childhood development specialists design thoughtful, fun programs with music, dance, art, science, gym, cooking and foreign languages in a place where children can express themselves and play with friends. We customize our baby & toddler classes for every child who attends our programs, making every experience interesting and different. Baby Moves is also a space in the West Village where adults can see friendly faces and meet New York City families to build a better community. As the children in the Baby Moves classes grow, many join Perry School, our NYC preschool. We hold our fantastic New York City summer camps that include NYC KidsCamps, Broadway Kids Camps and Fairytale Camp for children up to 12 years old. On the weekends, we hold events that offer the space for families to celebrate birthday parties and special occasions for everyone. Take a peek at our fun and exciting schedule of Baby Moves classes that are held throughout the year. We hope to see you in class.





6 Locations

  • Washington Square Park

    Washington Square Park
    , ,

  • Rockerfeller Playground Battery Park

    75 Battery Pl
    New York, NY, 10280

  • Chelsea Pier 62, Hudson River Park

    143 11th Ave
    New York, NY, 10011

  • Greenwich Village - Hudson River Park (Outside on the water)

    425 West St
    New York, NY, 10014

  • Perry School/Baby Moves

    57 Bethune St
    New York, NY, 10014