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We don’t just teach kids how to play games; we teach them how to analyze, discuss, and experiment with their own variants in small groups. Our kids are encouraged to think out of the (game) box.Kids who engage in our specialized approach to gaming develop critical-thinking skills like risk and resource management, the art of negotiation and deduction, and long-term planning. The Lab also stresses the importance of fair play, diplomacy, collaboration, and a positive attitude however the game turns out. Located in Park Slope and TriBeCa, Brooklyn Game Lab has classes and camps for kids!

5 Locations

  • BGL Center Slope

    310 7th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11215

  • BGL South Slope

    479 7th Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11215

  • BGL Park Slope: Center Slope (310 7th Ave at 8th St) or South Slope (479 7th Ave at Windsor Pl )

    Brooklyn, NY, 11215