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Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is a mobile yoga company dedicated to nurturing kids' innate desire for movement and play. We explore yoga through poses, movement, and relaxation while encouraging creativity and fun! Our classes balance both structure and spontaneity as we honor each individual's unique energy. We believe in play-based education, while incorporating traditional yoga poses, sequences, and relaxation techniques to deepen self-awareness. The most unique thing about Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is that we are educators; it's kids first, then yoga. With over 15 years in Education, we bring a fierce passion for developing a safe space for children to just be.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Buddha Belly Kids Yoga provides classes in the following types: Art, Draw, Exercise, Meditation, Mindfulness, Yoga, Music, Dance, Martial Arts

Buddha Belly Kids Yoga provides classes for kids of all ages and adults.

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Buddha Belly Kids Yoga offers online activities. Please filter by online activities in order to view Buddha Belly Kids Yoga's full online class offerings.