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Capoeira Barro Vermelho USA was founded in January 2010 in Washington, DC by Mestre Bomba. We provide physical fitness for children, ages 4 and up and is intended to be a no-to low-contact martial art that helps children with gross motor planning and gross motor skills. Capoeira Barro Vermelho USA’s mission is to educate, promote, and inspire cultural enrichment through the art of capoeira, a mix of Brazilian culture, music, and martial arts. The organization achieves its mission by providing capoeira and music classes, community programming, international cultural exchanges, workshops, and performances.
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Capoeira Barro Vermelho provides classes in the following types: Martial Arts, Language, Dance, Music, Events, Art, Exercise

Capoeira Barro Vermelho provides classes for kids of all ages and adults.

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