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Children’s sewing studio in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Roberta P.

Aug 2, 2021


Learning to see!

CY Summer Half Day Camp 2021 (Ages 10-13)
Location: Bethesda

Pilar R.

Jul 14, 2021


What a beautiful experience! Usually summer camps are filled with noise, physical activity, heat, and go go go. Creative Youth is a breath of fresh air for parents and kids looking for a space to be mindful, to feel connected to a project and to learn a skill that will be useful for life. The teachers are kind, patient, and the kids walk away every day with a finished project making it so fun for them.


Less chilly in the venue. :-) And maybe have more interaction with the other campers. Maybe make an end of week project for a class mate as a gift.

CY Summer Half Day Camp 2021 (Ages 7-9)
Location: Bethesda

Jennifer M.

Jul 8, 2021


Sydney really enjoyed the class and is excited to do more sewing

CY Summer Half Day Camp 2021 (Ages 7-9)
Location: Bethesda


Jul 6, 2021


It was fun and instructor was very nice!

CY Summer Half Day Camp 2021 (Ages 7-9)
Location: Bethesda

Alina P.

Apr 3, 2021


The atmosphere! My girl learned a lot and enjoys the classes. She never gets bored of them!


More projects involving clothes for the girls that are sewing (clothes their size, etc, if possible)

Level 2 & 3 Sewing (Virtual)
Location: Online

Locations (3)

Creative Youth offers online classes

4805 St Elmo Ave

Bethesda , MD 20814

2277 Bel Pre Rd. Suite 206 Silver Spring, MD 20906 , Second floor. Offices at Plaza del Mercado Shopping Center

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Creative Youth provides classes in the following types: Art, Sewing, Pod Learning

Creative Youth provides classes for kids ages 5 - 18+ yrs.

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