Looking for enrichment for your learning pod?
Looking for enrichment for your learning pod?
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Freshmade offers virtual cooking classes for kids all over the world. Our mission: to teach the fundamentals of cooking while encouraging creativity, curiosity and individuality in life and in the kitchen. We believe the more time a child spends in the kitchen, the more curious and open they become about trying new ingredients. To encourage this creativity, our virtual cooking classes are interactive, fun and created specifically to fit children from the ages of 2 to 12+. Kids will explore fun foods and beginners’ kitchen skills together, be exposed to a wide array of ingredients, spices and cuisines through our classes. Additionally, our classes incorporate components of math, reading and science. Come join us in the kitchen!
2 - 18+ yrs
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Freshmade NYC provides classes in the following types: Cooking, Pod Learning, Art, Events, Reading, Academic, Language, Outdoor, Science, Exercise, Music, Nature, Dance

Freshmade NYC provides classes for kids ages 2 - 18+ yrs.

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