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As a fair trade company, Goose Grease was born in 2011 and ever since has been expanding in unexpected directions. Goose Grease’s vision has always been to provide the highest quality, most personalized service - we offer classes, afterschool programs and workshops, in addition to our wooden dolls and cake toppers. We are happy to have established a fair trade relationship with a small carpenter in Bogotá, Colombia that makes our doll bodies. We use the help of local artisans, who we train and employ, to paint our standard designs. We hope to continue this tradition of seeking out wood-worked items from fair trade, artisanal, and sustainable sources.
3 mo - 18+ yrs
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Goose Grease Shop provides classes in the following types: Art

Goose Grease Shop provides classes for kids ages 3 mo - 18+ yrs.

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