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Goose Grease House is a Brooklyn-based art workspace that offers unique classes, interactive camps and creative experiences by blending art with history and culture. We offer in-studio and virtual classes. Our studio is dedicated to expanding the minds and skills of young Goose Greasers. With a curriculum designed by husband and wife team, Juan and Anna Donado, budding artists are encouraged to think independently and creatively while immersing themselves in multi-media arts. Juan holds a PhD in Philosophy and uses his background in languages and the classical cannon to develop robust historical lessons. Anna has a Masters in the Arts and combines many art forms into her mixed media, sculptural approach to learning history.

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Reviews for Goose Grease Shop

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Bridget H.

Jul 14, 2021


The Qin and Han Dynasty was something my daughter had never known about about and something I had forgotten about. She learned a great deal and now when she comes across this in the future she will already be prepared. The tower was so interesting to see when all the pieces were coming together.


Nothing, Anna & Juan are incredible. The wealth of information and inspiration they give to their students is amazing. My daughter has learned so much from her classes with Goose Grease! They have also inspired her to explore her imagination and create beyond what is given...we usually spend another 30 to 45 minutes after class working with the projects or expanding into other projects that are similar to the current work.

Virtual Spring Wednesdays, Qin and Han Dynasty Ages 8-12
Location: Online

sandy l.

May 13, 2021


Emma had a blast and I asking to go back! 💗

No School Workshop
Location: Goose Grease House

Amy W.

May 13, 2021


We liked making watch towers


More park/time to move around

2021 Fall (1st - 3rd) The World in the 15th & 16th Centuries
Location: Goose Grease House

Monica A.

May 11, 2021


Not only are they super creative about teaching history and the arts, but they are so caring. A safe space for my kid to thrive! We love Goose Grease!

Spring Afternoon Workshops || 2nd-5th Graders, WWI and Spanish Civil War
Location: Goose Grease House

Stefanie K.

Feb 28, 2021


Our daughter loves this class! They do the most amazing projects and also teach the kids a little bit of context and history of the subject as well. Can't say enough good things.

Winter Afternoon Workshops || 1st - 3rd graders, Ancient Persia and other Empires
Location: Goose Grease House

Frequently Asked Questions about Goose Grease Shop Goose Grease House

The address of Goose Grease Shop (At Goose Grease House) is 369 Hooper St Brooklyn, NY 11211 - Williamsburg.

Goose Grease Shop provides classes in the following types: Art, Academic, Draw, Paint, Pod Learning

Goose Grease Shop provides classes for kids ages 5 - 13 yrs.

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Goose Grease Shop offers online activities. Please filter by online activities in order to view Goose Grease Shop's full online class offerings.

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