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Kallpachay Online


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Kallpachay’s mission is to help children advance as Spanish language learners by interweaving playful exploration and cultural celebration throughout our signature curriculum. Our goal is to inspire our students’ love for the Spanish language by providing consistent, high-quality education. As such, Kallpachay’s values are perseverance, inspiration, excellence, and the maximization of potential. At Kallpachay we’ve walked in our clients' shoes, and we know finding a language program that takes into account all the stages of acquisition can be stressful. Our classes place a high emphasis on speech production. Helping our students practice speaking Spanish as they are learning is a key component of our program. Built into the curriculum are daily class routines and games that encourage our students to interact using the Spanish they are learning. All lessons are geared to the appropriate developmental stages of our students and with small class sizes, our instructors tailor their interactions and expectations to the levels of each student. Kallpachay was established in 2012 to provide Spanish immersion services and tools to parents, educators, and administrators. We offer a full range of services that connect our clients to all aspects of the Spanish culture.
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Kallpachay Online provides classes in the following types: Spanish, Academic, Adventure, Art, Dance, Drama, Exercise, Language, Nature, Science, Events, Mindfulness, Acting, Paint, Performance, Cooking, Yoga, Stem

Kallpachay Online provides classes for kids of all ages and adults.

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