Let’s get to know each other first!


Let’s get to know each other first!


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About Lavender Blues

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The Lavender Blues philosophy is simple: LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH!!! Lavender Blues is about having fun, bonding with your child and bringing a positive, creative energy to brighten up your day!

Parent Tip

Don't forget the sign-in sheet amidst the squeals of play.

Kid Tip

Chime into each song. What animals do you want to see on McDonald's farm?

15 Locations

  • Tot Town

    636 Classon Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11238

  • Kiddie Science

    509 Rogers Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11225

  • Lavender Blues - Dimensions on Stage Dance Studio

    7601 3rd Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11209

  • Treasure Trunk Theatre

    141 Atlantic Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11201

  • Lavender Blues - Lark Café

    1007 Church Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11218
    , ,

  • Lavender Blues - Pip Squeak Shoppe

    1124 Bedford Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY, 11216