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4.6 out of 5

Based on 11 provider ratings

Smita S.

Oct 7, 2021


Love the stories in Spanish


Perhaps have some books and audio that goes along with lessons and which students get to keep rather than the handouts that are sent sometimes.

Location: Zoom | Instructor: Susana Dorn


Oct 3, 2021


My kids love these classes! They enjoy teacher Susy's energy and creative presentation. They have picked up a good amount of vocabulary and we enjoy playing the songs in the car on Spotify to reinforce the vocabulary.


The audio issues.

Family & Me
Location: Zoom | Instructor: Susy Dorn

Andrea R.

Sep 30, 2021


Amazing energy and giggles and fun. Enough repetition to help the learning, and enough new material to keep it wonderful & fun.


I've had some trouble logging on occasionally, requiring a last-minute reboot, and can't seem to get Zoom to accept a different screen name, but these are user errors!

Family & Me
Location: Zoom | Instructor: Susy Dorn

Jenna R.

Sep 28, 2021


Suzy was so interactive and made it entertaining and engaging for a 3 year old. My daughter had a great time.


Nothing! We loved it!

Online Preschool
Location: Zoom | Instructor: Susy Dorn

Rosemary H.

Sep 19, 2021


My grand daughter was very excited and was kept engaged. The instructor was amazing, I will recommend to others!


Possibly a place to get a recording of the songs she sang to help teach her outside of class. If this is offered please share.

Family & Me
Location: Zoom | Instructor: Susy Dorn

Response from Let's Play in Spanish

Thank you soo much Rosemary! We are happy to have Zara in the class. We do have all of Susy's songs online on Apple Music and Spotify. If you search for Susy Dorn you will find the music. Thank you for your support!

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