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Being bilingual is a gift. Research studies demonstrate ” that childhood bilingualism is a significant experience that has the power to influence the course and efficiency of children’s development” (Byalystok, 2017). Michuchutren recognizes that the ability to speak more than one language goes beyond the communication advantages the language will bring, but it considerably heightens the child’s ability to learn, socialize and empathize with others. To foster their love for the Spanish Language, we surround our children in a full Spanish immersed environment where they can learn the language in their natural way, through enriched, play-based daily activities.

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Elli D.

May 15, 2020


It provides many opportunities for singing and dancing and also it gives me ideas on things to do after class.


Everything is great

Michuchutren Online - Vagon Rojo 10:30am option (1 hours daily)
Location: Online Michuchutren

Tanisha W.

Apr 24, 2020


Loved that the class was interactive


Inform new attendees that the whole course is in Spanish. We thought it was an introduction class where there would be English and Spanish.

Free Spanish class - Try Out Michuchutren: online programs
Location: Online Michuchutren

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Michuchutren provides classes for kids ages 1 - 18+ yrs.

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