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Puppetsburg does hipster, tattooed puppet shows for 0-3.5 year olds. The shows are 45 minutes long and involve dancing, instruments, dress-up ""photo-ops,"" and bubble time (!) followed by a puppet story that is different each week. Children get to know a cast of handmade puppet characters including Clementine, a hipster who always carries around a plush camera for ""instagram-esque photos,"" Piggy B, a pig with blue glasses and an ""over-it"" look on his face, and Rex, who's favorite animal is a T-Rex like the one he wears on his shirt. Regularly exploring concepts like counting, simple vocabulary, hygiene, and hipster culture, Puppetsburg is a uniquely contemporary puppet show that is entertaining for infants, toddlers, and parents alike. Puppetsburg exposes munchkins to all kinds of cultural elements as well, preparing them to be on-trend New York and world citizens. We are introducing more language elements and more Pop Culture Icons puppets! Puppetsburg also offers exclusively-infant shows for the pre-walking crowd.

Parent Tip

Takes inspiration from your neighborhoods. You'll recognize some of the characters! --

Kid Tip

Feel free to move around during the puppet shows to get a closer look.

49 Locations

  • Redagast Beer Hall

    113 N 3rd St
    Brooklyn, NY, 11249

  • Parachute Brooklyn

    151 Norman Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11222

  • Two Boots Williamsburg

    558 Driggs Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11211

  • Fit4Moms meetup: near the picnic benches 1/4 mile into the park from the 9th Street and Prospect Park West entrance!

    Prospect Park West
    Brooklyn, NY, 11215

  • Standout Learning

    1737 York Ave
    New York, NY, 10128

  • Treasure Trunk Theatre

    141 Atlantic Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11201

  • The William Vale

    111 N 12th St
    Brooklyn, NY, 11249

  • Club Pilates

    56 N 3rd St
    Brooklyn, NY, 11249


    17 Bleecker St
    New York, NY, 10012

  • Wild Was Mama

    272 Driggs Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11222

  • 150 Charles St

    150 Charles St
    New York, NY, 10014

  • Solfire

    483 Driggs Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11211

  • Park Preschool

    85 Warren St
    New York, NY, 10007

  • Brooklyn Doodles

    41 Putnam Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11238

  • Reflections Yoga

    227 E 24th St
    New York, NY, 10010

  • North 3rd Street Market

    103 N 3rd St
    Brooklyn, NY, 11249

  • Cobble Hill

    232 Warren St
    Brooklyn, NY, 11201

  • Monkey Do Yoga

    279 3rd Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11215

  • Jalopy

    315 Columbia St
    Brooklyn, NY, 11231

  • Eleven33

    Box St
    Brooklyn, NY, 11222

  • JCC Brooklyn

    309 Grand Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11238

  • Edamama

    568 Union Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11206

  • Ibiza Kidz

    340 1st Avenue
    New York, NY, 10009

  • RIDER Brooklyn!

    80 N 6th St
    Brooklyn, NY, 11249


    201 E 69th St
    New York, NY, 10021


    2 Gold St
    New York, NY, 10038

  • RESIDENTS ONLY: 4720 Center Blvd

    4720 Center Blvd
    Queens, NY, 11109

  • 4545 Center Blvd: for residents of TFC buildings only

    4545 Center Blvd
    Queens, NY, 11109

  • 'Some Good Wine' Event Space!

    13 E 8th St
    New York, NY, 10003

  • TriBeCa: 100 Barclay St

    100 Barclay St
    New York, NY, 10007

  • The Oosten

    429 Kent Ave
    Brooklyn, NY, 11249