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We approach learning and teaching differently than other educational platforms. "In the 21st Century, having a good work ethic isn't good enough. You can't just intend to work hard. You actually have to know what to do next yourself." We prepare students to be resilient thinkers, collaborators, and communicators. Our scholars don't just learn how to complete a job, but they learn to invent, re-invent and then re-engineer their job!

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Katina P.

Jan 21, 2021


We're so happy that this class is offered from Mrs.Muhummad. The teacher highlights so many different black figures in history outside of the ones that our children know about. The class is so informative, and there is always a inspiring takeaway and wonderful lesson learned after the class. Mrs.Muhammad includes all her students in a special way during this distance learning experience. My daughter looks forward to the class every FRIDAY!

Virtual Drop-In Black Studies Class
Location: Zoom | Instructor: Loleatha Muhammad

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Loleatha Muhammad provides classes for kids ages 6 - 15 yrs.

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