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Stream Tutoring offers tutoring, classes, and parties for children kindergarten to 12th grade. We have a science lab, art studio, inventors space, preschool area, and a recreation and arcade area with movie screen, 18 gaming chairs, air hockey, skeet ball and more. Students love to learn and play here!
3 mo - 18+ yrs
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Tomorrow, Jun 8

Tue, Jun 9

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Mon, Jun 15

Frequently Asked Questions

STREAM Tutoring Classes & Parties provides classes in the following types: Academic, Language, Reading, Acting, Adventure, Art, Draw, Events, Science, Steam, Stem, Technology, Theatre, Cooking, Drama, Dance, Exercise, Hip Hop, Jazz, Paint, Performance, Programming, Spanish, Gaming, Coding, Gym, Jewlery Making, Music, Nature, Open Play, Outdoor, Robot, Sewing

STREAM Tutoring Classes & Parties provides classes for kids ages 3 mo - 18+ yrs.

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