Recess & Results with Lani

Recess & Results with Lani

Virtual Recess- Day to Day Parenting Families (Family Membership)


Virtual Recess Club
Recess & Results play-based fitness classes are coming to YOUR living room!

✔Use common household items to create obstacle courses and participate in unique, educational fitness games
✔Build healthy habits, confidence, character and friendships
✔Reduce stress & anxiety
✔All classes include strength, flexibility and endurance AND an educational topic

JOIN US for just $27 / month

Learn more about Recess & Results and our play-based fitness philosophy at

  • Virtual Recess - 10 per week
  • Family Membership
  • One (1) month term, auto-renewing
  • Valid at certain locations only
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Virtual Recess- Day to Day Parenting Families

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