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LEGO® Robotics Grades 3-6
Grades 3rd - 6th
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4:00pm - 5:30pm
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Apr 1, 2019 - Jun 3, 2019
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In this class, students will learn to build LEGO® robots around a central computer, that is the size of a deck of playing cards, called the EV3. They will learn how to attach motors and sensors to the EV3 and build constructions ranging from race-cars, to catapults and creatures. Students will program their robots to move, spin, and pick up objects. They will be introduced to ‘sensors’ that will allow their robots to respond to stimuli such as colors or obstacles. To test their skills, students may participate in tournaments and games, such as navigating a maze. By the end of the program, our students’ pride in their ability to design, build and program their very own robot is sky high!

Our STEM Education Difference:
Our core educational philosophy centers around an intimate interaction with our students. Because we know that each child learns differently and at their own pace, our 'mentors' assess and monitor your child's skill level; each class they take is matched with their skill and interests. Our curriculum and mentors focus on mastering current skills then challenge each student to get to a higher level.

Regardless of which class they take, or how many times they have taken it, our students do not repeat previous projects - they are always challenged and when they are ready they work on a new and interesting assignment.

2672 Broadway
Loft A
New York, NY 10025
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Apr 1, 2019 - Jun 3, 2019