Sofia's Workshop

Sofia's Workshop

Starting at $300

Kid's Painting Party

Host a Paint Party for any occasion!

Host a 2 hour fun filled painting party. Little artists don't need to know how to paint or draw! They will be guided every step of the way. Choose from dozens of different paintings or we can work together to make a custom piece*.
I provide everything you need to be a painter.

So grab some friends and family and make a party!
~choose a painting from the Gallery or request something special
~additional painters $25
~maximum 20 painters, please inquire for more than 20
~Base price serves the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley. $50 travel fee for other areas of LA County.
~$40 for custom artwork
~Hostess provides refreshments, tables and chairs for painters

Upon booking the party, the hostess will be contacted by Sofia to choose the painting.
Host provides the invites, tables and seats (rentals available on request).

*Custom artwork cannot copy other works of art. We can use other artists work for inspiration and create something special for your party!

  • Headcount:8 (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hrs (Can request additional time)

Locations (2)
  • Santa Clarita, CA, Santa Clarita, CA, USA, Santa Clarita, CA
  • San Fernando Valley, CA, USA, CA

Non-refundable Deposit due at registration

You can change your headcount up to 2 days before the event, however the base package price remains the same.

$50 travel fee for areas outside of San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Valley

Custom Artwork fee is non-refundable and cannot copy other original works of art. We can do a similar art piece, but not identical.

72 hour reschedule notice, one time only please

Host provides all refreshments, seating and tables.
Tables and seating is available for $50 rental fee.

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