Sofia's Workshop

Sofia's Workshop

Starting at $320

Kids DIY Jewelry Party or Workshop

Host a DIY Jewelry Party!

Let's make fun jewelry! UV Resin, beads, knots, baubles - girls and boys love to make jewelry! Learn how to make fun jewelry for any occasion.

Sofia's jewelry parties are designed with different ages in mind, ranging from 4-12. The DIY project will be age appropriate so kids can feel successful!

For example: for ages 4-6 we string beads for pattern-work necklaces and bracelets; for ages 6-8 work with knots, beads; for ages 8-12 we can do wire work.

Have a special idea? Sofia will collaborate with you to design exciting jewelry just for your party!

~$320 base price for minimum 8 children, $40 each additional child (for a 90 min party)
~2 projects for a 90 hour party, additional time can be requested
~Ages 4-12
~Maximum 12, additional children can be requested
~supplies included in base price for 8 kids
~For some custom designs, additional supply fees may be necessary

  • Headcount:6-12 (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:1-2 hrs (Can request additional time)

Locations (3)
  • Los Angeles CA, Los Angeles, CA
  • Santa Clarita, CA, Santa Clarita, CA, USA, Santa Clarita, CA
  • San Fernando Valley, CA, USA, CA

Non-refundable Deposit due at registration

You can change your headcount up to 2 days before the event, however the base package price remains the same.

$50 travel fee for areas outside of San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita Valley

72 hour reschedule notice, one time only please

Host provides all refreshments, seating and chairs.

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