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Child's Birthday Party: Ceramics

Treat your child and friends to a private pottery experience! For a "Ceramics" Birthday Party, you may choose to have the group paint/glaze pottery (such as teapots, mugs, plates and figurines) -- or learn clay hand-building basics and sculpt something fun from clay (such as animal mugs, bowls, plates), then give them a coat of underglaze color. The projects will take about 60-90 minutes, with about 30 minutes for cake and other birthday celebrating. (Ceramics projects will need to dry for about a week and then be fired in the kiln, then picked up about 7-10 days after the party date. All mugs, bowls and plates will be food safe and dishwasher/microwave safe!) You are welcome to bring any food, drinks and decor you'd like. Parties are $250 plus about $25 per child, depending on the specific ceramics project chosen and group size.

  • Headcount:5 to 25, party pricing depends on headcount (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hours (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • Squirrelly Workshop, 5414 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Ceramics Birthday Parties are $250 plus about $25 per child, depending on the project and number of pieces to be fired in the kiln. Your date and time are secured with a $250 deposit, with the balance due on the day of the party.

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