Performing Arts Academy

Performing Arts Academy

The Little Red Hen


Performing Arts Academy


Kindergarten - 2nd grade


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Jun 14, 2021 - Jun 18, 2021


9:00am - 12:00pm MDT


8817 S Broadway, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


25 students

Class Experience

The Little Red Hen (A 15-minute musical)
This exciting new program is for K-2nd graders who are new to putting on a musical.

Once upon a time there was a Little Red Hen who lived on a Big Farm.
She had several fluffy yellow chicks and, as you see, lots of animal friends!
One morning, as the Little Red Hen was scratching around the barn, she uncovered some grains of wheat.
Excited at her big discovery, she called out to her friends and neighbors saying:
If we plant these lovely seeds, we’ll have more grain than we need!

And so the classic tale begins of the hen who works hard to make bread from seed, and her lazy friends who won’t help, but want to eat the result of all her solo endeavoring- and the important lesson learned about how the coming to the aid of a friend benefits all.

Using a recognizable story already familiar to many younger students, and an achievable 15 minutes of script and score created specifically for early elementary kids, this program is designed to set up beginning actors for a fun, artistic adventure where they learn through applied creativity.

As a bridge between the Discovery one-week camps for ages 3-K and the 30 minute musical theatre programs, this camp takes the students on a creative journey which adds a more structured rehearsal element to the day, and teaches the campers how to take a script to performance, including spoken lines, songs and movement.

The focus is on the basics of what a musical is, and how theatre is created to share with an audience. The production elements are kept simple to keep the focus on the learning. Camp T-shirts will serve as costume (and campers take them home to remember their fun week!), and there will be craft elements created by students and used in storytelling.

Some of the week’s skills and experiences:

How to read a script – identifying stage directions, character, spoken lines, music, lyrics and scenic descriptions
Speaking lines to convey meaning
Expressing feelings in character
Memorizing spoken lines, music, lyrics, blocking (where you move on stage) and movement Learning the beginning elements of choreography through story-based movement expression
Telling a collective story
Collaborating by supporting other cast members, showing leadership, and earning positive ways to resolve differences
Identifying major points of a story
Gaining confidence in speaking and singing in front of others, and on a stage
Celebrating a collective success and individual growth
Creating story-based crafts for use in the performance
Making friends and having fun!
Each day includes drama, dance/movement, story, crafts, play time outside (weather permitting) and snack time (students bring a snack).

The week ends with a celebratory shareformance on Friday at 11:30 AM.

No experience necessary.

Students must be able to clearly communicate their needs, sit and listen to directions for short periods of time, and maintain personal space boundaries.

Students must be potty trained.

Performing Arts Academy Location

PAA at St. Luke's UMC

8817 S Broadway, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129