CAD me your Valentine?

2:00pm - 3:30pm PST
Feb 9, 2021 - Feb 23, 2021 (3 days)
Grades 5th - 12th  
Online Session
Photo for CAD me your Valentine?  (Art) by STEM Center USA
Photo for CAD me your Valentine?  (Art) by STEM Center USA
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Bring your custom Valentines creations to life with CAD and 3D printing! Each week we will design a new project including CAD Sweet Hearts, a keychain/pendant, and a heart-shaped gift box. We welcome new students and returning CAD modelers looking to make new projects.

Campers will learn to make their own 3-dimensional (3D) models using Computer Aided Design (CAD) with TinkerCAD. Young inventors will learn good sketching habits and bring their custom creations to life in TinkerCAD - a cloud-based software. We will choose one project for every student (student's choice!) to 3D print and ship/deliver to you after camp is over.
We will porch deliver 3D printed projects for free to anyone in a 15 mile radius after classes after over. We can ship project throughout the domestic US at shipping cost.
Students will need a computer (PC or Mac) or Chromebook to participate in this camp.


Students will need a computer (Mac or PC) or Chromebook. We will help students create a free TinkerCAD account if they do not already have one. We also suggest providing your student with a mouse since this makes the modeling process easier. Working on TinkerCAD on the same device that the student is using Zoom will be necessary so that students can best share their projects with their instructor and classmates.

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Online Session
Online Session
Payment Options
Feb 9, 2021 - Feb 23, 2021
• Additional Options: Shipping of 3D printed CAD project (only applicable to those not within a 15 mile free delivery radius of our center or not able to pick up from our center)

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