STREAM Tutoring Classes & Parties

STREAM Tutoring Classes & Parties

Starting at $240

No Stress or Mess Party

No stress or mess! Just bring a decorated cake or undecorated cupcakes and we provide décor, punch, cups/plates/utensils, frosting, candles, and supplies for all the activities. Some of the chosen activities have take it and make it things that can be part or all of their goody bag gift.

Popular activities with all party themes can include arcade (no coins needed), cupcake decorating, slime, Nerf wars, and laser tag. Additional ideas and activities can be added but may depend on cost, age, and time limitations.

Parties include decor, programming and party hostess(es) and table ware as well as arcade games (no coins needed) laser tag and Nerf Wars. We generally try to spend about $40 for consumables including activities, tableware and décor. If those items exceed $40, per your request, your party may include add-on charges. The other $200 pays the overhead costs for space, furniture, etc. and the party hosts salary. She or he will likely work 7 hours on your party communicating, tours, planning, shopping, decorating, hosting, and cleaning.

Food and drinks may be brought in from the outside.

We can accommodate about 20 participants and about another 10-20 adults. 40 is about the maximum that this private 1600 square foot space can handle without it feeling crowded or difficult for the party host to do her or his job effectively.

Please come to your two hour party 15 minutes early and plan to stay another 15 minutes after so we can help you gather all your gifts and belongings. Please do not come earlier or stay later unless prearranged and approved, as we may have multiple parties scheduled in one day.

Idea themes include (but not limited to): Super hero, Slime, Mad Scientist, Pokémon, Harry Potter, Laser Tag/Nerf Wars, Dinosaurs, Minecraft, Space, Art, Paw Patrol, Mario, Neon/Glow, Rocket engineering and launch, Chocolate Spa, Shimmer and Shine, Troll, Princess, Tea, Robotics, Fashion Designing and Modeling, Unicorn, Mermaid, Arcade Games, Lego, Ghost Busters, My Little Pony, etc... We can accommodate most idea themes if you have one that is not listed.

If you'd like to do the party yourself at our location, then it is $140. That includes our facility, tableware, any decorations we have for your theme and a greeter who can answer any technology or arcade questions that you have during the party. You would decorate, run the party, and clean up. You get the location and the greeter for 3 hours. We have seating for about 20 kids in our party room. We have 18 recliner chairs for the big screen for movies. You are welcome to bring in outside food and non alcoholic drinks. We have a kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator/freezer.

  • Headcount:20 (Can request additional headcount)

  • Duration:2 hours (Can request additional time)

Locations (1)
  • S.T.R.E.A.M. Tutoring, Classes & Parties, 29W100 Butterfield Rd, Suite 103, Warrenville, IL 60555

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