Take Two Film Academy

Take Two Film Academy

Take Two Talks Sat 9:30 -10:30

9:30am - 10:30am EDT
Apr 3, 2021 - May 8, 2021 (3 days)
Ages 5 - 17 yrs 
Photo for Take Two Talks Sat 9:30 -10:30  (Online) by Take Two Film Academy
Photo for Take Two Talks Sat 9:30 -10:30  (Online) by Take Two Film Academy
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Free mini-workshop offering a sneak peek at Take Two's summer filmmaking camps!

We will have 3 Take Two Talks, each on a different subject correlating with a week of Summer Camps!

Week 1: April 3rd - Intro to Special Effects
Week 2: April 17th - Intro to Animation
Week 3: May 8th - Intro to Summer Blockbusters

We will be giving a short lesson on Special Effects to introduce your budding filmmakers to the world of effects and give them a look into the work that goes into creating their favorite spectacles in films like the Avengers and Harry Potter.


If your students can have access to an iPad or a computer with either iMovie or internet access so we can get them set up with an editing software, that would be perfect. It would be most ideal for your student to watch the class on a laptop or desktop that has access to an editing software, or if they can use an iPad to edit while participating the class up on the computer.

For the Intro to Animation class, it would be best if your student could come to our virtual class with a stack of sticky notes, but a notebook will work as well.

Thank you!

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