Craftsman & Apprentice

Craftsman & Apprentice

Starting at $375

Teen/Tween DIY Party (ages 10-18)

These DIY workshop parties are designed especially for the teen/tween crowd. Think birthdays, pre-slumber party fun, a class social, or a Parents' Night Out. We host 2 hour-long workshop parties with all the bells and whistles, stress-free.
The workshops in this package are best for kids ages 10-18.

Weekend Party Times:
Try a Friday crafternoon party
4-6 pm
1:30-3:30pm or 2-4pm
5-7 pm (Think slumber party pre-party. Based on staff availability.)

$375/up to 12 kids

PARTY THEMES (choose one):

STAMP CARVING: Using soft cut linoleum, we'll design and carve a personal stamp that can be used again and again with all types of inks.

SOAPS, SCRUBS, SALVES +/or BATH SALTS (choose 2). Let's have a spa party! We'll learn how to blend our own all-natural body care products with essential oils and luxurious add-ins like oatmeal and honey.

POLYMER CLAY BEADS or BOWLS: We'll use leaves, lace, and more to create beautiful and simple pressed clay bowls. Roll, shape, and embellish however you like. Each participant will receive enough clay to create two ring bowls or a necklace to take home.

EMBROIDERY 101: Hop on the hand stitching craze. Each participant will design and stitch their own image or phrase to take home.

FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS: We miss summer camp, don't you?

SHRINK ART PINS: Shrinky Dinks were my favorite growing up and the trend is back big time. Design, cut, color, and shrink your own design and attach to a pin back.

Got a great idea? Let's plan together. Additional setup/materials fees may apply.

Due to COVID restrictions, we are asking that the total number of people in the shop does not exceed 12 people, adults & kids included.
Masks required.
If you or anyone in your group have a known exposure or are experiencing symptoms of COVID, please refrain from attending.
We will gather contact and waiver information for each attendee.
We do our best to maintain social distancing during events but it is not always possible.
You may bring food however, we are no longer able to provide reusable plates/etc.
We prefer food to be consumed outside, if the weather does not permit, we just ask that kiddos who are not in the same household eat a distance. We have a small patio area with two picnic tables available.


Give to our programming scholarship fund!

30 minutes extra make time

Shop Kids T

Custom Theme
Starting at $50.00

  • Headcount:Up to 12

  • Duration:2 hours (Can request additional time)

Locations (2)
  • Offsite Location
  • Craftsman & Apprentice, 1325 E 22nd Ave, Denver, CO 80205
Add Ons
  • Give to our programming scholarship fund! +$25
  • 30 Minutes Extra Make Time +$50
  • Custom Theme +$50
  • Shop T-Shirt +$15

>$150 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking. The remaining balance is to be paid at the end of your event.
>Base rate includes activity for up to 12 kids
>Party includes 1.5 hour project make time, instructor, shop use, 30 minute celebration time.
>BYO Food/drinks
> Please read our COVID precautions
>No refund within 60 days. We will do our best to reschedule your party in the case of covid or other emergencies.
>Tipping your instructor is welcome but not necessary.

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