Field Workshop

Field Workshop

Out of School Enrichment Sponsored by Greendale Schools (Spring 2023)

THIS IS A FREE MEMBERSHIP - You must sign up for this membership to receive your free visits sponsored by Greendale Schools.

Each Greendale resident between the ages of 5-18, and all students open enrolling to a Greendale School will receive up to two 90 minute visits per semester to be utilized at Field Workshop to complete an academic project or personal enrichment experience.

Proof of residency or enrollment in Greendale schools is required.

To register for a session, you may choose any of the eligible activities including:
* Project Completion/Personal Enrichment
* Tinker Lab
* DIY Studio Project (student may apply both of their visits to attend for free, or apply 1 visit to receive a $12.50 discount)

This membership will expire at the end of the semester. Free visits that are not utilized will not be carried over.

Each child who is eligible must be enrolled. If you have difficulty enrolling, please contact us at

Starting at$0

  • 90 Minute Visits - 2 per year
  • Child Membership
  • Eight (8) month term, non-renewing
  • Valid at certain locations only
Starting at

Staff/Partner Membership Exchange

This membership level is for staff and partners of Field Workshop who have an agreed upon arrangement to provide services in exchange for a monthly membership. All Family Creator Membership benefits apply.

10 Visits / Month

* Visits can be used by any registered family member!
* Visits can be used for any Open Studio, Preschool Open Studio or Robotics Workshop!
* Use up to 2 sessions in a single day!
* No long-term commitment! Membership renews monthly. Cancel anytime.

Members receive:
* 20% Discount on Parent’s Night Out!
* 20% Discount on select events!
* Quarterly MEMBERS ONLY special events!
* Walk with Field Workshop in the Greendale 4th of July Parade!

Check out our other membership options to find the one that's right for you! We offer individual memberships and additional family membership options to meet your needs!

The Fine Print
This is a family membership. Visits may be used by any registered member of the household.
Visits do not carry over to the following month.
Members may use up to 2 visits in a single day.

Starting at$0

  • Monthly Visits - 10 per month
  • Family Membership
  • One (1) month term, auto-renewing
Starting at