Field Workshop

Field Workshop

Spring 2024 Greendale Resident Membership (Child Membership)


Greendale Residents ages 5-18 and open enrolled students receive 2 complementary 90-minute visits to Field Workshop's Tinker Lab for personal enrichment or project completion.

Eligibility Requirements
Eligible participants must meet the following requirements:

1. Live in Greendale or be a student of a Greendale School

2. Be between the ages of 5-18

  • 2 Free 90-Minute Visits - 2 per year
  • Child Membership
  • Six (6) month term, non-renewing
  • Valid at certain locations only
  • Members-only Classes
Locations (1)
Eligible Activites (2)
Cancellation and Refund Policy

Spring 2024 Greendale Resident Membership

Payment Options

Six (6) month term
Does not auto-renew



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