The Giggling Life Care Farm

The Giggling Life Care Farm

GL/Boots & Buckles Family Membership (Family Membership)


All youth interested in becoming a Boots & Buckles 4-H member will be required to become a GL/Boots & Buckles Family Member. Membership Cost: $60.00. Required to participate in Cloverbuds and Tabletop Projects.
This membership will provide you with a 10% discount that will apply to ALL programs and merchandise throughout the year, you will also receive priority registration for ALL classes, be the first to know what is happening at the farm, you will receive invitations to special private events that happen at the farm, and MORE!

**Membership and fees directly through Adams County 4-H is also required!**

  • Family Membership
  • One (1) year term, non-renewing
  • Valid at certain locations only
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GL/Boots & Buckles Family Membership

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One (1) year term
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