The Giggling Life Care Farm

The Giggling Life Care Farm

GL/Boots & Buckles Livestock: GOAT (Child Membership)


Meeting Dates: 2nd Tuesday or Every Month 6:00-7:00pm

You'll receive 10% Off ANY classes & merchandise offered by The Giggling Life for that current 4-H year AND you will be given priority registration to ALL Programs & merchandise offered here at GL, and MORE!

Mandatory- You must visit your animal 2 days per month to work with & care for your leased animal. You may do so by attending ANY Educational Program offered by The Giggling Life. You MUST be enrolled into one Giggling Life Program monthly to participate in Livestock Clubs. It may be monthly GL Program or you may choose to DROP IN to any listed monthly GL Program on the schedule.

**Membership and fees directly through Adams County 4-H is also required!**

  • Child Membership
  • One (1) year term, non-renewing
  • Valid at certain locations only
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GL/Boots & Buckles Livestock: GOAT

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