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The Giggling Life Care Farm

GL/Boots & Buckles Market Animals: CHICKENS (Child Membership)


NOTE: Participants are only permitted to enroll in a Market Project (i.e. husbandry for meat production) after 1 year of Livestock Club participation. This is required so that the youth can observe and understand the process start-to-finish first. Market projects include purchasing, owning, and boarding an animal at Boots & Buckles (DBA The Giggling Life), along with additional farm chores without staff supervision but with parental supervision. Additional cost are associated with market projects (i.e. purchase of animal, additional feed, etc). First year participants are permitted to participate in other projects and showing animals for other purposes.

Meeting Dates: 2nd Tuesday or Every Month 6:00-7:00pm

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Additional Costs:
-Purchase price of animal​
-Increased participation in care of animal

Raise and care for sheep in Boots & Buckles year long Livestock Club. Participants will work collaboratively to learn hands-on about feeding, nutrition, record keeping, general animal care, breeding, maintaining shelters and more. Participants will learn the ins and outs of raising animal for multiple production purposes.

Market Livestock Members will meet twice a week. This is when the majority of the husbandry is done by the participants- including cleaning pens and water tanks, checking hay and feeding grain and minerals, handling the sheep and goats, and exercising the sheep and goats. In addition, each week participants spend time learning about all aspects of nutrition, disease management, general animal care, breeding, costs, body conformation, meat production as well as showmanship and showing animals.
On an as-needed basis, participants give vaccinations, shear sheep, trim hooves, bathe and groom the animals, band tails, perform weight checks, insert ear tags, perform parasite checks, and take care of any other animal needs.

**Membership and fees directly through Adams County 4-H is also required!**

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  • One (1) year term, auto-renewing
  • Valid at certain locations only
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GL/Boots & Buckles Market Animals: CHICKENS

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