The Laughing Academy Playing With Purpose Weekend Workshop 1
The Laughing Academy Playing With Purpose Weekend Workshop 2
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Playing With Purpose Weekend Workshop


The Laughing Academy

The Laughing Academy Playing With Purpose Weekend Workshop 1
The Laughing Academy Playing With Purpose Weekend Workshop 2
The Laughing Academy Playing With Purpose Weekend Workshop 3



Sat, Sun

Sep 30, 2023 - Oct 1, 2023

2 classes

9:00am - 4:00pm CDT


3230 Glenview Rd, Glenview, IL 60025


25 students

Class Experience

Two Days: Saturday 9-4 and Sunday 9-1


Are you striving or just surviving? Three years of COVID and stress have taken their toll on all of us. Spend a weekend reconnecting with your sense of purpose and intention and have fun improvising at the same time!

Class Experience

Playing with Purpose is a weekend intensive focusing on cultivating a sense of purpose, on stage and off. With relevance to one’s life, work, and art participants in this program will:

  • Practice improvising with more awareness, emotion, and intention
  • Align with one’s own sense of purpose through reflection, visualization, sharing, and (of course)      improv!
  • Connect with like-minded people seeking similar growth and transformation

Whether you’ve been improvising for years or have only watched your kids do it, join us and explore what improv can teach you about living a fulfilled, PLAYful life.

During our 10 hours together, we’ll explore the PLAY Polarities® Five Calls of Personal Leadership:

· The Call to Consciousness: What are the expectations you are living your life by? Where are they from? Did you choose them or are they choosing you?

· The Call to Consider: What do youbelieve is the purpose of life? Why are we here? What do you believe are life’s big questions and what are your answers?

· The Call to Choose: What is the code that you want to live by? What are you deciding to make your life about?

· The Call to Create: What will you make in the world and how will it serve yourself and others?

· The Call to Share: As you solidify what you believe it means to lead one’s own life, how will you share what is meaningful for you with others?

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Class runs Saturday, September 30 from 9:00am-4:00pm with a one-hour lunch break and on Sunday, October 1 from 9:00am-1:00pm.


As a keynote speaker, coach, instructional designer and facilitator, Matt Elwell has spent the last 20 years using improvisation to improve organizational performance and culture.

As an improviser, Matt performed at improv theaters across Chicago, including Second City Theatricals, iO, the Playground, and WNEP. However, Matt would spend most of his professional improv career at Chicago ComedySportz, where he played taught, served as Artistic Director, and finally as President and CEO, where he ran one of the largest improv theater and training companies in Chicago. Finally, Matt was tapped to become the Executive Director of CSz Worldwide, the global licensor of ComedySportz which oversees 25+ producing theaters.

For most of his career, Matt used his background as an improv teacher and corporate trainer to create engaging, highly interactive programs to teach communication, sales, and management skills. In the era of COVID, when live training and entertainment all but vanished, Matt looked back on everything he had ever learned (and taught) regarding individual and team development. The result was the PLAY Polarities®, a coaching, training, and consulting practice that specializes in the skills managers need to get the most out of themselves and their people.

Learn more about Matt and his company at

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The Laughing Academy

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