The Native School

The Native School

The Native School NEW Seedlings @ Batiquitos Lagoon

NEW Seedlings @ Batiquitos Lagoon


The Native School

The Native School NEW Seedlings @ Batiquitos Lagoon

2.5 - 4 yrs


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri

Jul 18, 2022 - Aug 5, 2022


8:10am - 12:10pm PDT


7380 Gabbiano Ln, Carlsbad, CA 92011


12 students

Class Experience

***The NEW Sessions are 5 days a week Monday - Friday per session***

W4: Nature as Your Muse

Session 4: Jul 18-Jul 22 @ Batiquitos Lagoon

The natural world is full of recurring patterns, colors, and textures that appear in different contexts. As co-learners, teachers and students will study nature and take inspiration from her patterns, symmetries, trees, spirals, meanders, waves, foams, tessellations, cracks, and stripes, weaving them into a creative journey that includes both group and individual works of art.

W5: Budding Botanists

Session 5: Jul 25-Jul 29 @ Batiquitos Lagoon

Want to know how to treat a bee sting, rash, or other naturalist hazards of the job with plants you can find in your own backyard? Explore the trails of San Dieguito Park or the Batiquitos Lagoon, and identify and get to know the local flora and their uses across different cultural contexts. This class is an introduction to local plants and their properties, indigenous traditions, and herbalism. An indigenous guest speaker will inspire us to create from what surrounds us in nature.

W6: The Art of Dramatic Play

Session 6: Aug 1-Aug 5 @ Batiquitos Lagoon

Long before humans read or wrote, they shared their history and stories orally, through the art of oration. In this class, children will bring stories to life through dramatic play. They’ll have the props and costumes to take their play to the next level. Children will be encouraged to act out a scene from their imagination, both individually and in groups. They’ll explore the depths of dramatization and narration, while also engaging with new means for self-expression.

Other Things To Know

Cancellation Policy

Classes are non-refundable although we are happy to transfer you into another class if needed.

What To Bring

  • A lightweight, child-size backpack
  • A 12oz. or greater water bottle (water bladders work well, but are often too heavy)
  • Appropriate, well-fitted hiking shoes or sneakers and wellies/rain boots on wet days with heel and toe coverage.
  • One extra set of underwear, socks, shirt and pants or shorts (weather dependent)
  • A well balanced, low/no-sugar, protein-packed lunch, and one snack
  • Sunscreen (lotion or stick, please no sprays)
  • A hat for shade or warmth, season dependent

The Native School Location

Batiquitos Lagoon

7380 Gabbiano Ln, Carlsbad, CA 92011