Richmond Art Center

Richmond Art Center

Art Journaling for Teens

3:30pm - 5:00pm PST
Jan 20, 2021 - Feb 10, 2021
Ages 12 - 17 yrs 
Alex Martinez
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In this class young artists will begin to fill the pages of their art journals with fun projects using watercolors, colored pencils, ink, marker, paint, folded paper, and found objects. Sign up for one class or as many as you like! Classes will include illustrating animal self-portraits, adding dimension to illustrations with cut-paper inserts, making DIY stencils, pop-up book and folding techniques, lettering basics, texture-making with paint and crayon, drawing monsters and people, collecting and observing nature for illustration, printmaking on paper, and more! Beginner to advanced artists will enjoy each journal prompt and techniques.

Class 1: Animal Self-portraits!
What animal or creature would you be? What animal or creature’s characteristics do you most identify with? Artists will introduce themselves by making a self-portrait illustration as an animal they identify with using watercolors and colored pencils.

Class 2: Creature Collage!
Artists will combine pencil drawings and collage inserts to make dynamically illustrated creatures.

Class 3: Pop-Art Stencils!
Artists will illustrate popular celebrities and foods in the Pop Art style using DIY stencils and recycled paper and fabric.

Class 4: Accordions and Beginning Pop-up Techniques
Artists will explore book-making in this journaling class, learning folding and pop-up techniques to make their illustrations jump off the page!

Class 5: Type Monsters!
Artists will collect different kinds of type from magazines and newspapers to “feed” their colored pencil and ink monster illustrations.

Class 6: Nature Drawings
Artists will collect natural objects (pebbles, leaves, flowers, sea shells, feathers, plants, etc), observe and journal their collection using watercolor, ink and colored pencil.

Class 7: People Watching
Artists will be asked to observe people in life and print to journal one item or feature of them that stands out using watercolor, ink and color pencils.

Class 8: Print Pals!
Artists will use recycled materials to create one of a kind printed people and creature illustrations using acrylic paint and washable markers.
Materials List:

- Mixed media paper art journal 8" x 12’’ or larger
- Watercolors and brush
- Colored pencils
- Washable markers
- Black inking pen
- Magazines/newspaper/found papers
- Pencil and eraser
- Ruler
- Sharpener
- Scissors
- Glue
Class 3: Pop-Art Stencils! - Fabric Scraps and tracing paper
Class 10: Print Pals! - Acrylic or tempera paint


Experience Level: All Levels

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Jan 20, 2021 - Feb 10, 2021
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