Richmond Art Center

Richmond Art Center

Let's Paint Watercolor!

10:00am - 12:00pm PST
Jan 30, 2021 - Mar 20, 2021
Ages 16 - 18+ yrs 
Chris Harper triplett
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Let's Paint Watercolor! This is a class for students who want to improve their watercolor painting skills. All levels are welcome, but we will assume you have some experience with the medium. The emphasis will be on skill building, problem solving and helping students develop their own personal style. Specific watercolor techniques will be addressed to help students make decisions and work through to complete paintings.

Class 1: Some basics, good supplies, water handling.
Class 2: Mixing colors, using the color wheel.
Class 3: Planning and building layers.
Class 4: Light and dark, value study.
Class 5: Five most important techniques.
Class 6: Painting glass
Class 7: Painting landscape
Class 8: “Rag” work for backgrounds and rocks

Materials List:

• Yellow: Cadmium Yellow
• Red: Permanent Rose
• Blue: Ultramarine Blue
• Green: Sap Green
• Browns: Burnt Sienna
• Neutral: Payne’s Gray
• No whites or blacks are necessary.

• 8 and 10 Round
• 1 ½” or 2 “ soft flat

• Whether you are using tube or cake watercolor paints, you will need a palette to mix colors and water.
My favorites have small compartments for paint with larger compartments for mixing.
There are several kinds at any art supply store. White is best so you can see the paint mixes.

• At a minimum, get a watercolor or mix media sketchbook for paper.
Any size you're comfortable with, knowing larger is easier to work with.
• You should try to experience some good quality cold press (grained) watercolor paper like Arches 140 lb.

• 2” wide roll of blue painter's tape or hardware store yellow masking tape. (Don’t use old deteriorated tape.)

Water holder
• TWO water containers - size of jam/jelly jar

Paper towel and cloth

Drawing supplies: 2B Pencils, Erasers. Plastic (i.e. Staedtler Mars plastic) and Kneaded (Design Kneaded Rubber)

Payment Options
Jan 30, 2021 - Mar 20, 2021
• Additional Options: Donation 1, Donation 2, Donation 3, Donation 4

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