Richmond Art Center

Richmond Art Center

Improv Weaving - Scarf

Sun, Sat, 10:00am - 12:00pm PST
Mar 6, 2021 - Mar 7, 2021
Ages 16 - 18+ yrs 
Vera Totos
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Let the loom guide your hand! Explore what a 4-shaft loom can do with improvisational weaving techniques in this beginner-friendly online workshop. Immerse yourself in a joyful free weaving style where there are no mistakes, only expressions of what’s on your mind. Make up your own composition as you go with the help of expert guidance. Create a silk scarf that is uniquely your own on a pre-warped loom** by using freeform weaving, knotting, loom-controlled patterns, and whimsical touches.

Notes for Students:
If you have your own loom, a 4 shaft is ideal, rigid heddle is fine.

**Students who are local and would like to check out a Loom and Tools Kit for this class can contact to coordinate pick-up and check-out fees. Workshop Registration closes Monday (1/18) the week of the workshop. Loom pick-up is set for Thursday (1/21) the week of the workshop.

Materials you will need prepped and on hand before the workshop:
- Loom already warped, preferably with a dark color
- Assortment of yarns with various colors and textures, wound on bobbins or stick shuttles (knitting yarns okay)
- Scissors
- Threading hook
- Pins
- Yarn needles
- Measuring tape
- Paper tape or long paper strip


Experience Level: Some experience with looms

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Mar 6, 2021 - Mar 7, 2021
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