Computer Programming | Online Classes for Kids

Computer programming is a broad term for coding or software development. While the courses are typically considered for an older age group, you might be surprised to hear that children as young as five years old can learn computer programming! From encouraging curiosity to making math fun, try a computer programming class with an amazing educator.

Frequently Asked Questions

When learning computer programming, it’s always great to start with the basics. Learning Scratch coding is an ideal starting point for children.

Computer programming can be complicated — that’s why it’s helpful when you compare the concepts to something they’re familiar with. Whether you’re explaining what a book is or information on a webpage, by breaking down what they’re seeing, you’ll be able to help them understand this new language. Programming teachers will help your children understand concepts in their classes.

Children as young as five years old can begin to understand coding concepts. Try a Scratch coding class for younger children.

Many educators are offerring both in-person and virtual summer camps in 2021. To discover Computer Programming camps, you can explore summer camps with top educators on Sawyer.