Mandarin | Online Classes for Kids

Learning a new language can open your child’s eyes to new cultures and adventures. When it comes to picking a language to study, many parents gravitate towards Mandarin because it’s the most commonly spoken language in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

When children learn Mandarin, they’re immersing themselves in the most spoken language in the world — allowing connection to the world around them.

In addition to being the official language of many countries like China and Taiwan, it’s also spoken in colleges and universities. As your children grow and begin to travel, knowing the language will be quite beneficial.

With the language growing in adoption at a rapid rate, there’s no sign of Mandarin speaking slowing down. Knowing the language will be a skill that only becomes more in demand!

Many educators are offerring both in-person and virtual summer camps in 2021. To discover Mandarin camps, you can explore summer camps with top educators on Sawyer.