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Adult's Martial Arts - 6 Month Discount (Adult Membership)


***NOTE: Multi-month agreements require either full purchase, or a down payment if you chose the monthly installment option. The down payment for this 6-month agreement is an additional $312 that will be charged AFTER your initial purchase, if you have chosen the monthly installment option. If you have chosen the full payment option, you will not be charged this down payment fee.***

Our Martial Arts programs include:
• Unlimited training for all three programs! (martial arts, group fitness, women’s self-defense)
• Traditional Tang Soo Do instruction, and Powerful Words lessons
• All training required to earn color belt ranks
• All material and terminology required to earn Black Belt

New students are asked to pay a one-time fee for entrance into the Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation. This fee provides:
• Student manual and study material
• Admission into and internationally recognized rank from Pan-Am TSD Federation
• ID card
• Ability to train at any federation school and maintain rank
• All best testing fees from white to blue belt
• Official Certificates for all color belt ranks
The entrance fee is a one-time payment of $100 that will be collected after checkout.

  • Group Fitness - 6 per week
  • Women's Self-Defense - 1 per week
  • Adult Membership
  • Six (6) month term, auto-renewing
  • Members-only Classes
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Adult's Martial Arts - 6 Month Discount

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