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Vibe Studio

Illustration : Character Design and Visual Storymaking : Middle School
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5:00pm - 6:30pm
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Jan 14, 2020 - Mar 17, 2020
Grades 4th - 8th  
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SE Vibe Studio
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"Mr Joe's "Character Design & Visual Storytelling"

Do you have a story you're trying to tell? A character you're trying to create?
A world (or worlds) you're hoping to build?

Character Design & Visual Storytelling is aimed at building foundational skills towards being able to draw or paint your original ideas for presentation as illustrations, book ideas, graphic novel concepts, gaming or any other personal or professional goal involving Characters, Storytelling, Mythology-building. This includes Concept Art creation towards gaming, animation, comic books or fantasy / sci-fi book illustration, as well as fine art, graphic journal-writing, etc.

Students will be given a foundation of geometry, perspective, figure construction & anatomy, "cartoon physics", and using references for fantastic landscape creation and mythology or world-building. We will begin in pencil and charcoal, with options to explore any media of the student's choosing.

"Mr. Joe" Fortunato is a local graphic novel illustrator and art educator who has been building and teaching his unique curricula for over the past 3 years. Combining his own classically-based training as an apprentice to award winning painting instructor, Myron Barnstone (at the Barnstone Studios in Coplay, PA) with his own personalized approach Culling from Art History, Fine Art and Pop Culture/ Animation history alike, Mr. Joe's goal is to cultivate a student's versatility in the language of representational and illustrative/graphic arts, towards "telling their story".

This class is for all ability and skill levels, beginners thru advanced. Ages 10 through adults.

SE Vibe Studio
5633 SE Division St
Portland, OR 97206
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Jan 14, 2020 - Mar 17, 2020
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