Wakefield School

Wakefield School

Starting at $200

5 VIRTUAL Private Music Lessons

5 VIRTUAL Private Music Lessons in violin and/or viola, guitar or voice, piano, flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, snare drum, or saxophone. Each lesson is 30 minutes in duration. The lesson schedule will be left up to the discretion of the instructor and family.

  • Headcount:1

  • Duration:30 minutes

Locations (1)

If a student wishes to cancel their private lessons, they may do so without penalty after the first lesson; they will only be charged for the first lesson, plus a $25 administration fee. By the start of the second lesson, refunds and/or credits for a student’s private lesson package will not be issued. Should a student cancel their lesson, Wakefield asks they provide (when possible) 24 hours notice to their instructor; Wakefield cannot guarantee the instructor can reschedule lessons with less than a 24 hour notice.

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