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Wakefield School

Starting at $375

Private Academic Tutoring: 10 sessions

This tutoring package consists of 10 sessions, 30 minutes each. The lessons may be completed on-campus for Wakefield students, and/or a community location and/or virtually for non-Wakefield students. An additional $50 travel cost will be added to the session packages that occur off-campus.

The lesson schedule will be left up to the discretion of the instructor and family. Students will be placed with a specific tutor based on their academic needs.

  • Headcount:1

  • Duration:30 minutes

Locations (3)
  • Offsite Location
  • ON CAMPUS: Wakefield School, 4439 Old Tavern Rd, The Plains, VA 20198

If a student wishes to cancel their private lessons, they may do so without penalty after the first lesson; they will only be charged for the first lesson, plus a $25 administration fee. By the start of the second lesson, refunds and/or credits for a student’s private lesson package will not be issued. Should a student cancel their lesson, Wakefield asks they provide (when possible) 24 hours notice to their instructor; Wakefield cannot guarantee the instructor can reschedule lessons with less than a 24 hour notice.

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