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Mini Mindful Family Book Club (Family Membership)


Join our Book Club meant for families of 8-12 year olds! Reading together is a great way to bond as a family. We've all read to our children, but many of us stop doing this when our children are able to read on their own. Reading helps us explore, people, places, and situations. It helps us gain exposure to things outside our usual bubbles and make sense of the world. Our Mindful Family book club will help parents play an active role in this learning process while connecting with each other and fostering a love of reading.

Our basic membership includes:
1) Our book list for the month: we will send you the title & author of our book of the month.
2) A color-in game board timeline to help your family stay on track with the reading, the game board will include ideas to help guide your book related discussion and mindfulness activities to do as you progress through the book.
3) Printable activity sheets (2-3 each month) that relate to the books.

  • Family Membership
  • One (1) year term, auto-renewing
  • Valid at certain locations only
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Mini Mindful Family Book Club

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